What is Android Root? The advantages and disadvantages of mobile Root ?

What is Android root? The advantages and disadvantages of mobile root


Hello android lovers today we are going to talk about a very important topic. Today, there is a common question in the mind of the people that what is the android root? Mobile should or should not root? What are the advantages and disadvantages of mobile root? Etc … so in this post I am telling you about this in detail and hope you liked this post, this post will be helpful for you.


Friends, there are hardly any people who do not have android mobile, everyone has all the mobile’s junkies. I believe that there are many good operating systems but there is no one like android and this is why android is the most commonly used OS. Android users are increasing every day.

Today there are a number of apps available for android in the internet market, if you have knowledge then you can do something with your mobile like it can modify, can custom rom install, can upgrade version etc .. Much more

There are also some things that we can not do without root our mobile android, there are some apps that your phone should be rooted to use, many users do not know about it well and In a hurry, some guests routinely make their phones root and they suffer a lot of losses. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the android root as to what is the advantage and disadvantage of Android mobile root? How to root mobile? Etc …

What is android mobile Root .

The root of Hindi means root (root of the tree) and root in this mobile world also means the same, rooting means to go to the root of mobile. First of all, let me tell you that android is a linux based operating system, linux is an open source free OS which is used in hacking.

Because android is a linux based OS, android mobile developer creates a limitation in all mobiles, limitation means that you can use that android’s features only to a limit i.e. can not reach the root of that android OS You understand that the mobile developer has made a line in that mobile and you can not cross that line. Developers do this so that we can not use the android incorrectly and not get any losses.

But when we root our mobile, all the limitations created by developers end there i.e. we reach the root of the android OS i.e. you cross the line. And we get super power to use mobile. Super user means you can do anything in your mobile, use modify, make any changes in it.

The friend became clear that after all this is what the root of Android is, but now you must have come to the question that what are the advantages of doing mobile root and what are the harm? So let’s know about both of us-

Disadvantages (loss) to mobile Root: –

First of all, I am telling you about its loss because it is not that you first saw its advantages and began to root your phone and you have to suffer or face trouble-
1. loss of warranty: – The first and the biggest loss is that your phone’s warranty is terminated, after the root is not officially because there is no method. You can use any method, suppose if samsung is mobile So samsung compeny officilly does not tell any method that you root this mobile of our compeny with this method and this is why your phone’s warranty ends.

Because compeny makes you a limitation that you will use your phone in this condition but by root you have crossed the limitation of that condition. Although this problem is not in all compeny phones, there are many chinies compeny phones that you can root, your warranty loss will not happen. But many of the famous compeny like samsung, htc, sony etc .. gets lost in warranty loss.

2. Upgrade or Update Problem after Root: –

After the root of the mobile, the officially software update is not known or the problem arises, so this is also a major disadvantage. However this problem does not come in all mobile.

3. Security Risk: – The risk of security in the rooted phone is increased as you assume that if you installed an app and gave it root access, then that app can be harmful for your mobile as it is possible that the app Put the virus in the phone, mobile hack, because after giving root access to the app, you give all the permission to use.

4. Phone may crash: – Friend, this is also a huge loss, sometimes while rooting the mobile, it happens that our mobile becomes dead, that is, it can not be used in some way but this problem only happens. When you do not root your phone properly or do not follow steps properly, even though the process of rooting the phone is very simple but some users make mistakes so I would suggest that you root your phone Do not make any mistakes on time.

Advantages of Mobile Root:

If I told you the loss of your friend, then maybe you might be thinking, “What is this, its loss is only a loss, I have suffered so much from the root of the queue” 🙂 …….
Let me tell you that there are also “benefits of mobile root”. Let’s also know-

1. uninstall pre-installed apps: – You may have seen that when you take any mobile you have too many default apps installed and we can not even uninstall it, although many of these apps are of no use to us. Occurs. When you root your mobile, you can uninstall these useless apps and this will benefit your ram, disk space will be free and mobile will work fast.

2. Completely move intalled apps: – The second biggest advantage is that when you install an app, it is installed in your mobile storage and you can not move it to the SD card or if the move is also done Then some files remain in the storage of the phone but after you root any apps completely
You can move your phone storage free and the phone will run faster.

3.Flash custom things: – After you root the phone, you can flash custom rom, custom recovery, custom cernel etc in the phone. For example, your mobile is not getting an official update or upgrade as if your mobile kitkat Version and want to convert it to Lollypop, you can do this easily by flashing custom rom.

4.use all apps after root: –

Friends are so many apps that have to root the mobile to use, you will also see in the descriptions of many apps on the playstore, there is clearly written that the phone should be rooted to use the app, In most screen recording apps, you can see that after you have a mobile root, you can use all such apps.

How To Android Mobile Root?

So friends, I have told you both the advantages and disadvantages of root, if you do not have any problem with the possible losses, then you can easily root your mobile by following some steps given below:

Step.1 First of all you have to download and install an app named kingroot for your android mobile, remember this app you have to download from here- if you ask for permission if you want to download kingroot app , please give it.

Step 2. Now open the app, after opening, a few seconds will check whether your mobile is already rooted or not, to root you simply click on “try to root”.

kingroot se android mobile root kare

Step 3. Now your phone will start to be root and it will take some seconds to complete it.

mobile root hona start ho gya

So friends, you can root any mobile like this, in the coming time, I will tell you in detail how do you root the mobile?
How do you feel about “What is android root, benefits and disadvantages of mobile root”? Please comment and if you have any questions related to this post, you can comment.


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