How to Buy Best Hosting for Your Site from Hostgator India

When you want to start your online business or are doing it, then you should know about it well and make some plans beforehand. If you are in the blogging field or want to create any online website, then you need a good domain name and hosting for it. These two things are the most important thing for your company and your blog that you can never ignore. In today’s post, we will talk about how you can buy Hostgator hosting and make a good start for yourself.

The domain name is most important for any website. This is the name through which people know your website. In choosing a domain name, you should never make any mistake or any haste and choose the unique name of your website. The domain name should be such that has not been used before, because if that name is already popular then it may be that if your domain name is lost in the crowd of this Internet then you can also select the domain name such as Google Can not even search.

Now the second name is hosting. Here, I do not confuse you much, but let me tell you that hosting means “taking place to store your data online”. When you upload data to your site online, you will have to store it, but if you use the blogger platform, then Google will give you the option to store free data yourself. This means that you will not need hosting just by making your site online. There is a lot of hosting company, which is different, but it is very difficult to pick one of these. This post will be very helpful in removing your confusion.

So now you may have probably learned about both hosting and domain so now you have to choose your hosting company. As I mentioned in post title how you can buy hosting from Hostgator, let me tell you that Hostgator is the best hosting company of today’s time, so I will suggest you this same company they are offering cheap price too.

How to Buy Hostgator Hosting – Step by Step

To Hostgator Hosting, first, you can check out the latest offer by clicking here. You can see your best offer on the dashboard by clicking on this link.

Now click on re seller hosting that is visible in it and after that, you will open its plans. Click on whatever plan you like best and select how many days you want for this plan. The more you plan for the day, the less you will get cheaper, but if you are a new blogger then it will be good if you only take the host for 1 year. After your hosting is confirmed you can continue.

You will now be asked, “Do you have a domain already” here I would like to tell you again that you do not take the domain HostGator any time. Godaddy is the best website for taking domains so you can take .com domain in just Rs. 99.

If you have already taken the domain, then you write your domain name here and remove the rest of the option. It is not of any use. Now the domain selection work has been completed. After this, you click continue.

Now after clicking on continuing your cart has opened. You should check once again that your cart does not have any product that we do not want.

There should be nothing in addition to a hosting and a domain in this cart. In this cart, there is an option of promo code on one side that you must use. I had already told that you will definitely get some offer on the dashboard and you will get a promo code in it, copy the promo code and paste it here. Give you a discount of about 50 percent. After everything is set up, click on continue.

In the next step, we have to register ourselves on the HostGator. If you already have an account then you can log in by clicking on sign in, if not, you have to register. To register you have to fill your personal details. You can fill your detail with accurate and thorough checks because this detail will be found on whois so that the user will know about you.

Everything is set now after the detail is filled. You can click on create an account. After clicking, you now have to pay. There are many options to pay on Hostgator like-

  • Paytm
  • Mobile Wallet
  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • PayPal
  • UPI
  • Net Banking
  • Check Payment
  • Pay Via Account Balance (Use Hostgator Wellet)

You can pay by choosing one of these. Here I am telling you to pay by paytm so that you can easily pay.

Congratulations! You’ve now got Hostgator hosting. Now you can log in to your Cpanel by clicking Next, we will learn how to install WordPress in Hostgator hosting.

Friends, both in the case of HostGator and bluostost hosting, both of them are very good and you can use any of them, but the bluehost from Hostgator is a bit costly, so the Hostgator is the best one. Hope you liked this post. You must share this post with your friends and if you have any problems then you can take help through comment. I will try to do my best.

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