What is Chrome Remote Desktop and How to Use It?

Hello Geekment, Chrome Remote Desktop is a great extension for you if you want your computer or your friends computer to run on your computer or mobile. With Chrome Remote Desktop you can remotely control some other devices. In this post, we will learn what the Chrome Remote Desktop is and how it is used.

In order to use the Chrome Remote Desktop tool in computers you only need to add an extension to the computers in which you want to control or share control, and if you want to control your mobile, you need to The Chrome Remote Desktop app on the PlayStore has to be installed in your mobile.

Why are Remote Control needed?

Call me daily to call some clients, friends and relatives to solve any problem on their computer. Occasionally they understand the solution at the call itself and sometimes they do not understand after much explanation or become confused after listening to the solution steps and they do not understand where to click now or how to do settings.

Because of such a lot of problems, he and I feel like I am sitting in front of his computer and can explain them well by removing their problem, but it is not always possible to reach everyone’s home and office because They stay far away from your location or the current time is not suitable for you. Remote Control is a very excellent solution to all these problems.

You will find many applications on the Internet through which you can remotely control, that is, you can run another computer or mobile from your computer or mobile. Google’s Chrome Remote Desktop and TeamViewer are the most popular application for Remote Control.


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Chrome Remote Desktop vs Teamviewer

TeamViewer is the most popular tool for Remote Control. You can also do text, audio and video chat with the user of the remote computer, you can also video recording of every activity of the remote system, and the best thing is that you can also do file transfer from TeamViewer. If you want to know what is TeamViewer and how to use it, you can read TeamViewer’s post by clicking on the link below.

But to use it, you need high speed internet. If your internet speed is not good then your mouse will run slowly on the computer (sluggish) which can cause you much irritation. Apart from this, it’s just non-commercial use free in which I have seen that connection time is limited, after which your connection is disconnected and then you have to connect again.

Google Chrome Remote Desktop is a free tool that you can find on Google Chrome Browser’s web store. This tool works on a chrome browser as an extension that means it is necessary to have a chrome browser on your computer or mobile which is used in almost every device.

I like the Chrome Remote Desktop tool TeamViewer tool just because your mouse cursor on the remote control looks absolutely smooth and accurate. If left alone, then TeamViewer is the only better tool. Because with Chrome Remote Desktop tool you can share screens, share files and chat.

Why is Chrome Remote Desktop Ko Kaise Set Up and Use Karte?

To use this tool it is most important that you log in to your computer’s chrome browser, so first you have to login your Gmail account to chrome browse.

Now you can add Chrome Remote Desktop extension to the browser by going to the web store of chrome browser. If you do not know what the extension is and how to add them, then click on the link below to read my extension post.

The chrome browser’s Apps page will open once the Extension is installed. Click on where you see the Chrome Remote Desktop App and open it.

You will now open a pop-up window in the Chrome Remote Desktop app. You will see two options on this window. The first Remote Assistance you can use to share your computer control with someone or access someone’s computer control. The second option is My Computers, which you can use to control your computer from your mobile.

First of all, we use the Remote Assistance option. For that, you click on Get Started and now you will have 2 option Share and Access. If you want to share control of your computer, click on the Share button.

If you want to access somebody’s computer, you only need that computer’s Access Code or Pin, but if you want to share your computer control, you can install only the first time Chrome Remote Desktop Host Installer file. Have to do.

As soon as the Host Installer file is installed, an Access Code will be generated in front of you. Give this code to the person with whom you want to share your computer control. Now the person will have to click on the Access button where your access code will be asked as soon as he will enter your code there, then he can control your computer from his computer.

Chrome Remote Desktop Key Help for Mobile Computer?

If you want to control your computer with your mobile or tablet, you first have to install Chrome Remote Desktop from the PlayStore.

Now you will have to enable remote connection by going to My Computer option on your computer as soon as you enable it will ask you to select Pin of 6 digits, with the help of this pin, you can control your computer from your mobile.

You open Chrome Remote Desktop in your mobile where you will see your PC Name, enter PIN by topping it and then control your computer with your mobile.

Note: To control the app, please login with the same email id on Computer and Mobile.

Hello geek ment, I hope you have these “Chrome Remote Desktop ? “The post choice may have occurred. If you have any questions or suggestions related to this post, then comment below and share this post with your friends.

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