How to convert video into audio without any software .

Hello friends, In today’s article we will read how we can convert any video to audio mp3. And the most interesting thing is that we do not even need any new apps or any software for this .

We have many such songs or other such videos that we like to watch as a video, and sometimes just like to listen. In such circumstances, if I talk about smartphone users, they have two options, First, if they do not want to watch the video, just listen to the audio, then often people reverse their display. Which only they hear the voice.And the second one They have the audio version of the video in their smartphones.

But both of these options have their own limitations. I talk about the first option when we reverse the display of our smartphones. We reverse the display but sometimes it is thought that we are listening to audio only. But the entire video is being used on the resource, like our battery consumes much more than audio in the video. You may also have noticed that when we look at a video for as long as the audio If you have to listen, then we see that the audio when listening to the audio is more than the battery is lost when watching the video.

If I talk about the second option in which we keep the audio along with the video, then the biggest problem is that it is the storage. We have limited storage and in our storage, we have to send our documents, audio, video etc. All the files have to be kept. If we mean duplicate files of a file, keep the audio and video of the same file even then the problem increases further. To avoid all these problems, I am writing this article. Aँ is how you will know can convert any video and audio, that too without any extra Applications of software.

How To Convert Video Into Audio Using Any Software In Less Than 1 Minute  Guide

Now we will learn to convert step by step video into audio (mp3)

Step 1

First of all, by opening your file manager, select the video to convert to audio.

Step 2

Now rename the video, and at the end of the name of the video, there will be an extension of the video like .mp4, .flv, .mkv etc. Replace the extension of your video with .mp3.

Step 3

Your video audio has now been successfully converted.

NOTE- You can switch from audio to video, for this, replace your video extension with .mp4, .flv, .mkv, instead of .mp3.

I hope you like this article called “How to convert from Video to Audio”.

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