How to fix “Can not Write To The SD Card” Error ?


Hello friends, Do you have any problem with “Can not Write To The SD Card”, “Memory Card Is Not Writable” and “SD Card Write Restriction”. If so, this article can solve your problem. 

sd card

sd card

Since Google’s Kitkat version has been done, the issue of SD Card Write Restriction is coming on all the subsequent versions. Actually this is not an error, this is security provided by Google in our Android Mobile, so that Unauthorized Person Or Apps can not access our Memory Card.

But if seen, Without Memory Access we can not do many things on our Android Phone Like –

Move App to SD Card or Install

There is a problem even locking the picture in the SD card.

The biggest coverage is when all of our data is saved in Phone Memory. Thereby, the risk of Data Loss remains.

Getting backup of the phone also results in transit because memory is not writable.

All data are saved in the Internal Memory Card, which makes Mobile Slow.

So Friend It is very easy to fix this issue. I want to tell you the method of this, after which you will be able to break your Memory Card Access Restriction and increase your Mobile’s internal memory space.

Note – To remove the SD Card Write Restriction, your phone must be rooted.

How to Remove SD Card Write Restriction from Android Phone

Removing SD Card Write Restriction from your phone is very easy, I have given the steps I have to use. Use Follow Your Problem Solve.

 . Download the SDFix App by visiting the Google Play Store.

 . After that install the SDFix in your mobile.

1 Click on the SDFix App and click Continue.

2 After that, the Ready page will open in it by clicking on “Check This Box” and click on Continue Continue.

  • After That Wait Some Time.

3 Congratulation ! SD Card Restriction Has Been Removed From Your Mobile.

If You Have Followed The Simple Steps Given Above. So Now Let Me Tell You What Is The Advantages Of Removing SD Card Write Restriction.

Benefits Of Removing SD Card Write Restriction

App Will Move To Memory Card.

You Can Reduce The Space Of Your Internal Memory, So That Your Mobile Will Be Fast.

You Can Take A Backup Of Your Phone On The SD Card.

Many Apps Can Use For Security, Which Will Lock The Data On Your Memory Card.

There Are Many More Advantages To Removing The Restriction, You Will Know When You Use It Yourself.

So Friends, It Was My Small Cousin To Help You, I Think You Have Understood This Post And Your Problem Will Be Solved. If Any Problem Is Coming Then You Can Ask Through The Comment

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