How to format your PC and reinstall windows 7?

Windows 7 is the most popular operating system of today’s computer environment. For some reason, your computer can not start with some technical problem, then you may have to format your computer. In this guide, I will tell you how to reinstall Windows 7 on your computer.

Some of the essential things before formatting your PC(Reinstall windows 7)

  • DVD’s of Windows – You will have to buy this disk.
  • Bootable pendrive – bootable usb created using iso file.
  • Keep in mind – all data on your computer’s C drive will be erased during the format. So always keep your personal data in any other drive (D, E, F, etc.) except the C drive.

In this post, I told you how to install Windows 7 with the help of bootable pen drive. Follow the steps given below.

  1. First, you have to put the pen drive on the computer. After this, you have to restart the computer.

When the computer restart, you will need to press F8 / F2 key with the computer keyboard. (This can change according to the mother board.) Select USB device from the menu on the screen.

2. When you select the USB device, Windows will start loading installation files. Windows 7 setup will start when files are loaded.

3. Now you have to select the computer language, time zone, and keyboard input method. (Choose from the options selected in the photo below). After selecting the option, click on the next button.

4. Click ‘install now’ and start setup. Now click on ‘I accept the license terms’ and press the next button.

5. Click on the ‘Custom’ option.


6. Now you have to select the partition where you have to install Windows 7. (Select carefully, otherwise your personal data may be erased). Select Normal C drive. Now where to install Windows 7, select the drive and click on the ‘format’ option and press the yes button.

7. After the drive is formatted, click on the next button. Now the installation will begin. This process can take about 30 to 50 minutes.

The computer will restart automatically after the setup is complete.  The most necessary step – during restart, you will see the option of ‘press any key to load setup’ but you do not have to press any key. After the restart, setup will continue the install presses.

After some time you have to type your computer username on the field shown on the screen. After typing the name click on the next button.

If you have to put a password to your computer, enter your password instead of ‘type a password’.

Re-enter your password on ‘Retype password’ and keep in mind password. Click next button.

If you do not enter a password, leave the password space blank and click on the next button.

Now enter your windows activation key. On the Windows Update screen, click ‘recommended settings’. Select the time zone. (Select UTC + 5:30 for India) Now click on the homegroup.

Now the computer will complete its settings and restart. congrats …. Your computer has installed os properly.

Now install the driver by inserting the driver CD that comes with the computer. And your computer will start working perfectly. To keep computer away from virus and get new features, update the computer periodically.

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