Some Interesting command Prompt Tricks ( PC Tricks )

Command Prompt, which you also know as MS Doc, there are very few people in the present who would hardly be using Command Prompt or have information about it, many commands in Command Prompt are such that Very few people know about it but it is of great use, in this post I will explain some of the PC Command prompt tricks which¬†will help you to impress your friends –

If you do not know where is the command prompt in your PC, you should use the run command, for this, open the Run dialog box with the window logo button on the keyboard and press R ( Window+R )to open the dialog box. Type it as CMD and enter it

  • Now type here start and enter
  • You can type the name of the site after the start.
  • Now in this way you can open any application from the same Start Commands.
  • For this, you have to type Start and the name of the application and its run command
  • Let’s say if you want to open Photoshop, you will type Start Photoshop and then enter it
  • Here’s a list of most of your Windows commands that you can get from Command Prompt –

Word pad – write
Windows Media Player – wmplayer
Windows explorer – explorer
Volume Mixer – sndvol
Utility Manager – utilman
Task Manager – taskmgr
System Properties – sysdm.cpl
Sticky Note – Stikynot
Sound recorder – soundrecorder
Snapping Tool – snippingtool
Screen Resolutions – desk.cpl
Remote Desktop Connection – mstsc
Registry Editor – regedit
Programs & Features – appwiz.cpl
Problem Steps Recorder – psr
Print Management – printmanagement.msc
Power Option – powercfg.cpl
Performance Options – systempropertiesperformance
Paint – mspaint
On-Screen Keyboard – osk
Notepad – Notepad
Network Connection – ncpa.cpl
Mouse control – main.cpl
Math input panel – mip
Magnifier – magnify
Internet Options – inetcpl.cpl
Internet Explorer – iexplore
Google Chrome – chrome
Firefox – Firefox
Font viewer – fontview
Event Viewer – eventvwr.msc
Esse Of Access Center – utilman
Disk Management – diskmgmt.msc
Disk Defragmenter – dfrgui
Disk Cleanup – cleanmgr
Device Manager – hdwwiz.cpl
Date and time – timedate.cpl
Control panel – control
Computer Management – compmgmt.msc
Character Map – charmap
Calculator – calc
Ed Hardware Wizard – hdwwiz
Open Picture Folder – pictures
Documents folder – documents
Download folder – downloads
Shutdown windows – shutdown
Restart Windows – shutdown -r
Log off – logoff
Photoshop – Photoshop
MS Word – winword.exe
MS Excel – excel.exe
MS Power Point – powerpnt.exe

So I hope this will help you when you want to open a file and you don’t remember¬†where that file is located on your PC. So if you like this trick do share on social media.

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