Keeping these 8 addresses carefully before applying for AdSense .

Hello Friends, I am going to give you some tips related to AdSense today. Applying Long Term Blogs ¬†AdSense is Better. I’ll tell you a few steps by Step By Step, which you can apply for AdSense.

Believe me, if your friends follow these steps, then your AdSense account will be approved in 2-3 days.

1. Note that your Custom Domain atleast is 45 Days Old

Your Custom Domain or Blog Atleast must be 45 Days Old. Only then will you have the Custom Domain 45 Days Old, it is possible to get AdSense Approval.

2. The Template you want to use should be responsive

The template that we apply to our blog also has an important role in AdSense Approval. The best option is, Apply Us Theme, which has already given Approval to AdSense. Clearly edit the template, and check that all the icons are working correctly with Correct Links, which are attached in HTML, or not. This increases the chances of getting your Approval.

3. Ensure that your blog has Atleast 10 to 15+ Posts

To get AdSense Approval, we should write at least 10+ Posts in your blog, which is of Genuine and good quality. Never copy content from another site Here everything makes a difference. I check my blog well before applying for AdSense.

4. No Copied Content

Keep in mind that not a single line of your blog has been copied from anywhere. Any links in your blog, like Results URL’s, Tickets of Matches URL’s, etc. Do not Provide. Google does not approve of them. If you need to provide a URL in your blog, then the best way is to attach the link as “NOTE” in the Text Format.

5. About Us, Contact Us Page is the Most Important Thing

Small things in AdSense Approval also make a big role play. About Us, there is a page where you should give as much important information as possible, which is correct. You can fill atleast 4 lines or more in About Us, But Correct Information of Author and Contents is important.

Contact Us is also an important page where you provide your Contact Sources.

6. Disclaimer, Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions

This is most important and sometimes AdSense only gets approve by adding these Three Forms. I myself have adopted this too.

Disclaimer and Privacy Policy are compulsory for every blog. By placing these two forms on your blog, you can easily get the AdSense Approval. For Example, you can see Disclaimer and Privacy Policy on my website

Terms and Conditions are not compulsory, but there is no loss from this.

7. Apply AdSense For Only

If Your Blog Tech, Health, Niche, Earnings Etc. If you are about to apply for AdSense, you have a chance to get it early approve. But, if your blog is related to Religion Related Blogs, which has lots of links, it takes a lot of time to get approve and Chance is too low, because Google does not approve it because Nothing is worth anything.

 8. How to Apply for AdSense

If you have already applied for AdSense, then when you apply again, keep in mind that the address and phone number match should not be. AdSense Approval is usually found in 4 to 5 days. AdSense policy has now been changed, so it may take a few more days.

These were some worthwhile things to get for AdSense Approval. Thank you for this article. Share in Social Media, and do not forget to comment.

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