Make Money With Youtube Channel Adsense ?

Make Money With Youtube Channel Adsense

YouTube is a very popular online video viewing website, we can spend money online from YouTube online and many people are earning money.

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In the previous post, we learned how to upload videos on YouTube. Today we will know how to earn money after uploading videos on YouTube.

make money youtube

make money youtube

To make money by uploading videos, we have to enable Monetization in our YouTube channel and the YouTube channel has to be linked to an Adsense account.
Before you can monetize the YouTube channel, you must upload at least one video on YouTube, which you have created yourself, that is, the video should not copy from anything.

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How to Monetize YouTube Video?

1. Visit and login-

make money youtube

make money youtube

2. Click My Channel
3. Now click on Video Manager-

After clicking on Video Manager, the Video Manager will open up to you and your uploaded video will appear in front of you in front of the screen.
In the video manager, there will be 1 icon in front of your uploaded video. This means that Monetization is not enabled in your YouTube channel.

make money youtube

make money youtube

4. Now click on Channel in your YouTube account

5. Now click on Enable button in front of Monetization-

6. Now click Enable My Account –

make money youtube

make money youtube

7. Read the Terms and Conditions of YouTube,
8. Now click on the I accept >> button-

Now he is asking you to let the place you want to show in the ads advertised video.

9. Now click on Monetize’s button.

Now the monetization is enabled in your YouTube channel.


How to Add YouTube Adsense and Create an Adsense Account?
1. Click on Channel.

2. Now click on “View Monetization Setting” in front of Monetization.
3. Click on how I will pay.

4. Click the link of associate an adsens account
5. Now click on the Next button.


Now YouTube will redial you to the Adsens website.

1. Now Google is asking you, if you have a Google Account, then click Yes.
You are now logged in on AdSense
2. Select your language.

3. Click on the button of Contiune.

make money youtube

make money youtube


Now a page will open in front of you to fill your right information.

make money youtube

make money youtube

1. Select your country.
2. Select time zones.
3. Click on Individual in it.
4. Write your name, write the correct name here which is in your bank account, Google will     pay you by the same name.
5. Fill your address right here

make money youtube

make money youtube

At this address, when your AdSense account becomes $ 10, you will receive a letter that will have an AdSense address verification code that you will get in the AdSense account and you will get the payment.

6. Fill your mobile number here.
7. Click Yes here in all.
8. Click Submit my application.

After clicking Submit my application, you will be in your YouTube channel-
Now you learn how to monetize YouTube videos and how to add YouTube to Adsense. Now whenever someone sees your video, your income will start.


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