How to upload videos from computer to YouTube ?

Hi Friends, My name is Gaurav Rajput, and today I am going to tell you about Make Money’s best way to the internet is Youtube, we can make a channel by making a channel on YouTube and uploading videos on it. Millions of people are also making good money by uploading Youtube her Video, we have learned in the previous post. How do you create channels on YouTube, but not just making channels will not be earning unless the video is uploaded to it and YouTube is not associated with Adsense Account, we learn today that Youtube her Video How to upload .

How to upload Youtube Video?


1. To upload Youtube Video, first visit and login by clicking the Sign In button.

2. Now enter your email and password.
3. Now click the Sign In button.

4. Now click on the uplaod button.


1. To upload Youtube  Video, select Files to uplaod to select the video from your computer, after which the video will start uploading.
2. If any of your videos are on Google Plus, you can put it directly on YouTube.
3. With WebCom Capture, you can record direct from your webcam camera and insert it on YouTube.
4. With Photo Sideshow, you can create slideshows of your favorite photos on YouTube.
5. google + Hangouts On Air lets you put a live video on YouTube while chatting on your Google Plus.
6. You can also edit the video that you have already uploaded to YouTube by clicking here.
You can upload videos to YouTube by dragging and dropping videos on your computer on YouTube, and the video will start uploading.


As soon as you put your video on YouTube, a new page will open (as shown below) until your video is fully uploaded, you will not close this page.

1. The percentage of the video uploaded to the video you are uploading is displayed here.
2. Here you have to put the title of your video.
3. Here’s what your video is about and type in what’s in the video.
4. Here you can tag your video about which is here.
5. When your video is fully uploaded you will get 3 photos here, from which you can select the photo before the video play is selected, you can also click on Custom Thumnail to upload new photos.
6. If you want your video to be seen in the whole world then keep it public here, and if you do not want to watch this video or want to show 2 or 4 people, then select Private.
7. From here you can share directly with your friends on your Google Plus and Twitter.
8. In this step you can create new playlist of your video and can also add the video to the playlist.
9. After filling in the full details of the video uploaded on YouTube, by clicking the Publish button, your video has now been uploaded to YouTube.
10. Click here to view the uploaded video on YouTube.
11. You can upload videos and videos on YouTube by clicking here.
Friends, today you have learned how to upload videos on YouTube, we will learn how to earn money by uploading videos on YouTube –
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