A virus that can stole money from the phone

Kaspersky Lab has detected an Android Malware in September 2017. It’s not like Ransomware Virus. But it is also dangerous from Virus Ransomware. This Trojan Virus named Xafecopy has the most effect in India and if you are an Android Phone user or you use services such as UPI, e-wallet in Mobile. So what do you like Xafecopy Money Malware? It should be aware of this because if you do not keep your Android Mobile Safe from this Virus, then one day your bank account will be cleared and you will not know.

What is Xafecopy Trojan & why is it called Money Malware?

This is a Trojan Software, which has been detected in the Kaspersky Lab on September 2017. Xafecopy is the main target of Trojan Android Operating System and by this one, about 4,800 mobile is effected within a month. Many people also know the name of Money Malware because this e-Wallet affects Internet banking apps and send all its information to your host.

According to Kaspersky Lab, Captcha Code Bypass can be done by Xafecopy Malware. Whatever number is the Captcha system of words, it can change the number of all, according to the Word itself.

How Xafecopy Trojan Works

All Trojan Malware has the same kind of work, it lets all users send information to the server, without users knowing about it, but features of all types of Trojan Malware are different from each other. The work of Xafecopy Money Malware is to access Wap Billing Information and send it to your server, xafecopy which is installed in any Android Phone, it sends its Billing Information to its Host Server. But this malware only works Mobile Connection, because WAP Services is only enabled on Mobile Connection.

How to avoid Xafecopy Trojan Malware?

Xafecopy Money Malware can not detect with any antivirus. You have to be safe with yourself to protect your Android Mobile. Kaspersky Lab Xpert has given some tips, which can be used to save Xafecopy Money Malware.

  • Do not download the app from Google Play Store. Because Xafecopy Malware was installed in most users’ phones because it used to download App from the Untrusted place.
  • This works on Malware Mobile Internet Connection, so if you have a Wifi Network then use it or use Mobile Internet only when you have a job.
  • Use Internet Banking at least on Mobile,
  • If you feel suspicious that Xafecopy malware has arrived in your mobile. Then you can reset the phone.

Friends here’s been told about Xafecopy Money Malware. This is a mobile malware that can damage your Android Phone at most. Yet no anti-virus has come to detect Xafecopy Trojan Malware. If you have to save it, you have to keep your mobile safe by yourself.


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